Dana Makes Art

Highlands Ranch, Colorado
United States

Hello! My name is Dana. I live in the Denver area with my husband, my two kiddos, one Yoda-eared dog, and one marginally entertaining gecko named Echo.

After an entire life invested in the arts of music and writing, I began playing with paint as a way of healing in the wake of the sudden passing of my mom, and as a source of calm in the midst of parenting my neurodivergent lovelies. I've found I've loved it much more than I ever dreamed I could. It's also served as an unexpected vehicle for connection with my kids, as my daughter has often painted alongside me, and my son brings any number of his own activities to my workspace to parallel my creative process. Art has surprised me in countless ways.

I hope you enjoy exploring my work. I'm still in the process of adding work to my shop, so please do let me know how I can serve you today. I'm so glad you're here.

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