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In which I can’t embrace Jesus without exposing my heart

Hey, my dear friends, By way of an opening statement, I just wanna let you know that Stan has read and approved all I’ve written here. And that I kind of think that for now, that’s how it’s gonna be … Continue reading

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on living in the uncomfortable tension {or: all the stuff I didn’t say yesterday}

Hey, my friends, I gotta say this first: Your responses to my post from last night, both here and on my Facebook page, have been such healing balm for both Stan’s and my hearts. I’m just undone. {Quick note: If you … Continue reading

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when your very foundation is shaken {or, why I was quiet for so, so long}

It’s Saturday night. The kids are in bed, finally settling down, and I’m standing, staring blankly into our bathroom mirror. Procrastinating. For months now, my stomach does flips every time I think toward writing this to you all. And even … Continue reading

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to the degree that i’m settled in him

My plans for this afternoon are thwarted by a migraine. Thankfully, the timing coincides with our lovely Genevieve’s 4-hour block of time at our place, so I do a tiny bit of organizing in Stan’s and my room, take my … Continue reading

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finding words after too many months of silence (on connection, confidence, and my one word for 2017)

Hey, my friends! So. It’s January 3rd, and I haven’t written in this space since August fourth. I’m pretty sure this is the first time in a solid 4 years that I’ve gone this long without blogging. Welp. Happy 2017. And … Continue reading

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Some words about politics and loving Jesus

Oh dang. The crazy that ensued on my Facebook wall yesterday. It was somethin’ else, y’all. For any of you who don’t follow me on Facebook, suffice it to say that I shared a very thoughtful (non-inflammatory — or at least, I didn’t … Continue reading

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On Needing Help {or: Life’s hard. Play Mario Kart.}

I never title a post before I write it. Except, apparently, for when I do. I’ve had this post title sitting here alone in my WordPress Chrome tab, blank screen looming, and I’ve been straight up procrastinating — also known as aimlessly … Continue reading

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Some Stuff I Haven’t Told You {in which I get real and update you on our boy}

Isaac’s anxiety is more pronounced these days. It’s not quite as intense as it was a year ago, but it’s leaning somewhat in that direction lately. Did I ever tell you guys what last summer was like for us? Bless my … Continue reading

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Every Side of His Face

Running shoes on and earbuds ready to roll, I step out my front door. It’s late June, and the evening air is muggy for my beloved, typically-dry-ish Colorado. Instrumental piano music is my soundtrack for my workout time tonight. It … Continue reading

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If Your Heart Hurts this Mother’s Day {a few things I’d say if we could do coffee}

I awake early to sit here and wait in the predawn quiet, my littles still snug in their beds, and a hundred or so passions burning all at once in my soul. And out of those hundred burning thoughts, this … Continue reading

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