May 22 4th Friday Audio {Living Artfully: wholeheartedly showing up for your whole life – Part 1}


I come to you tonight so full-hearted, my friends. Full because last night was our second 4th Friday. Full because I felt so much more free, more relaxed, more me, as I shared my heart this time with those who came. Full because you who were there showed up so wholeheartedly, so graciously received my heart, and so courageously gave yourselves to one another and to Him.


And — full because of you who walk with me from more of a geographical distance — you who are my readers and my fellow writers and my soul friends who are so with me. Who are cheering me on and faithfully journeying beside me as I do the next thing, even though it often feels scary-vulnerable.

Y’all help me be brave.

That said, I want to share with you the audio of my talk from last night (Friday, May 22).

Quick final thought: I adore you guys. Walking with you all here, the way you’ve received my heart in this space, has shaped me over the last number of years. Has expanded me inside. I lack words to tell you how thankful I am for your companionship here. One of these days I’m gonna try though — I’m gonna try and dig up language for my gratitude for y’all — and it’s gonna be a whoooole blog post.

Okay, guys. The audio. {Gulp.}

And if you missed last month’s talk, it’s here if you’d like to hear it.

{If the volume is low in your computer speakers, you might try listening with headphones — I had success that way.}

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5 Responses to May 22 4th Friday Audio {Living Artfully: wholeheartedly showing up for your whole life – Part 1}

  1. Tara says:

    Dana, my friend, oh so very good. It makes so much sense. I remember now why my poems have been so often my prayers to God and about our journey with a mental illness. I love Seth’s words that you shared “Art is anything that is creative, passionate and personal.” I will remember that for a long long time. Last week I wrote a poem and posted it on my blog. I cannot even remember the last time I sat and wrote that way. Such a holy moment in God’s presence. I’ve been trying to track down Blaine Hogan’s “Untitled.” But I’m not having any luck! I am so very thankful for you to friend.
    Tara recently posted…Dear Graduates….My Profile

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  3. CanNOT wait to listen to this. Hoping to be able to on my drive down south this weekend. Proud of you!
    Ashley Larkin @ Draw Near recently posted…The pelicans (an anniversary poem)My Profile

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