Adoption Prayer Needs, News, and a Question for You

Hi Dear Friends!

It’s been a crazy ride for the Butler fam these last few weeks!

[Before I forget to mention it, if you missed the post in which I shared our girl’s name and the story behind it, you can check it out here.]

I’ve loved letting y’all in on our adoption process and receiving your encouragement and feedback along the way.  And your PRAYER support.  It’s absolutely invaluable and means the world to us.

Y’all, I am so excited to meet this baby girl!  The same doctor that nailed (precisely!) our birth mom’s due date with her older son has also called Maia’s due date:

June 16th.  Father’s Day.  

Not that we won’t be BEYOND thrilled to meet her no matter WHAT day she comes, but Father’s Day would be exceptionally cool, eh?

I’m banking on this doc’s instinct.  I scheduled my mom’s flight out here for June 13th.  So thankful she’s able to come and hang out here at our place with Isaac while Stan and I go to spend a couple days at the hospital in small-town KS when our girl’s born.

It’s a weird dichotomy: to be so excited to meet our Maia-girl, and yet simultaneously praying she waits till at least the 14th to make her grand entrance.  Trusting the Lord though, that His timing for her arrival will be perfect, and that He’ll provide for Isaac’s care should she decide to show up early.

3 weeks ago today, we officially matched with our birth mom.  For the first couple of weeks of “matched-ness,” I was too excited to sleep.  I’d lay down, close my eyes, and see to-do lists scrolling on the backs of my eyelids.  I am SO grateful to say that in the last several days, I seem to have evened out a bit.

I’m finding myself settling in to this brief season of waiting on our girl.  I’ve been doing a bit of crafting for her room.  Washing baby clothes and organizing them in her dresser.  I pulled out our baby bathtub from the abyss of our 120-year-old basement and washed it.  Still gotta retrieve and clean our bassinet.

I’m so enjoying preparing for our girl’s arrival!  Definitely still crazy-excited, but sleeping normally again, thank the Lord.  Still a bit exhausted though, and praying I can get caught up a little more before Maia comes.

photo (4)

Yesterday afternoon, our amazing church fam threw us an open house/shower for Maia.  It was beautiful and so much fun.  We felt so supported and loved, and were beyond blessed by the outpouring of affection and excitement for our girl.  She’s adored by so many already!

Many have asked how Isaac feels about having a new little sis.  We’ve explained it to him as best as we can.  He knows that Baby Maia is in “Miss Amber’s” (name changed for privacy) tummy, and when she comes out, she’ll be his baby sister.  He sometimes says, “Maia here NOW!  Baby Maia here now, PLEEEEASE?”

While he’s super excited to meet her, I can also tell he’s a little extra insecure and needy these days.  He’s definitely aware that something’s shifting in our family.  If you pray for us, your prayers for Isaac’s little heart would be so appreciated as he tries to get his mind around all of this impending CHANGE.

Prayer Points

While I’m asking for prayer, could I present a few other specific requests for you to hold before the Lord on our behalf?

  • For continued rest and peace for Stan and me as we make final preparations for our girl.
  • For peace and comfort for “Amber” and her son “Luke” as they process this HUGE letting go that is coming.
  • For good sleep and physical health for “Amber” leading up to delivery.
  • That Miss Maia would experience the enveloping protection and peace of God as she prepares for her big debut.
  • That birth dad would continue to be on board and a helpful participant in this process.
  • For every single detail, both the known and the unforeseen, that God will continue to orchestrate the falling into place of every single piece of this puzzle. That He’ll continue to make straight paths for our feet and bring mountains low.
  • And, on a practical note, that God would time Maia’s birth perfectly for the needs of every single person involved.

One final practical: the “long-distance-ness” of this adoption has caused us to incur additional expenses that we didn’t anticipate as we looked at our adoption savings account in the months leading up to our match.  Multiple long-ish road trips, plus hotel expenses, plus gas/mileage and hotel expenses for our social worker, PLUS the necessity of hiring an attorney local to the town where Maia will be born in addition to our “regular” adoption attorney – all of it adds up quickly.  Prayers for some extra provision from the Lord in this season would be super appreciated.

A Question For You

I asked a question at our shower yesterday, and I want to ask it here too:

What questions do you have regarding our adoption?

I recognize that this whole open adoption idea is relatively unfamiliar to many people.  Lots of adoptive parents resent honest questions from those who aren’t experienced in the world of domestic adoption.  They’re offended by people’s curiosity.

But as adoptive parents, Stan and I want to position ourselves in a place of willingness to share and educate regarding adoption.  The concept of “open” adoption in particular.

While there may be questions that I’m not able to answer fully for the sake of protecting the privacy of others involved, absolutely no question is off limits or “taboo.”  

SO, all of that said, if you do have questions and you’d like to leave them in the form of a comment on this post, I’ll be more than happy to try to answer them in a future post.  If you’re more comfortable with email, you can also send me your questions at momentsandinvitations[AT]gmail[DOT]com. 

You will NOT offend me, so ask away! :)  I so deeply value having you all “in” on our process.

Annnnd, that’s it for right now, my friends!

Mega blessings to each of you!

So grateful for the community that’s growing here.  Really.  I don’t have words.  Thank you all for your hearts and your presence beside us on this journey.

PS. Linking up over at The Better Mom today. :)

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5 Responses to Adoption Prayer Needs, News, and a Question for You

  1. Aprille says:

    My biggest question would be about how involved you plan to stay involved with Maia’s birth family (and them with her) once she is born? How often will they see her? When will you tell her about her adoption or will she just grow up always knowing?

    And, this is a scary question, but is this set in stone or is there still some final signoff that has to take place (ie, can Amber change her mind, adoption fall through, etc) – asking that one just so I know how to pray if that is still on the back of your mind at all.
    Aprille recently posted…When you see Lightning McQueen in yourselfMy Profile

  2. Lori Harris says:

    so excited for you! Your story mirrors a dear friend of mine and one word comes to mind- redemption. God is good.
    Lori Harris recently posted…10 Things I Learned in 60 hoursMy Profile

  3. carol l says:

    I just keep thinking, God is faithful – and, when I read your previous post – my verse for the day was so appropriate (Ps 34:22 NKJV)! Aprille has already asked the questions I had in mind. While I was thinking about my father-in-law’s situation – he was adopted in the 1940’s. So glad that the secrecy/stigma of adoption is not the way it was back then! Hoping and praying that you all will be able to celebrate Father’s Day with Maia. And, still so excited!

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