BIG ADOPTION NEWS, a New Website, and The Courage of Relearning to Live Like A Child

[Note from the editor (yup, that’d be me.) ::  After I wrote this post, we got MASSIVE adoption news: We’ve been chosen by a birth mom to adopt a baby girl, due mid-June!  Excited isn’t even the word.  Oh my goodness.  I will post more info on our girl and our process as soon as I’m able.  For now, I bring you this post that I’d written prior to receiving the big news.]

Okay!  Pardon the ridiculously lengthy title of this post!

Introducing the NEW, officially official blog of Dana Butler!  Decided I should probably own my name – hence, you’re now at  Still officially titled “Moments and Invitations.”  Old domain names will now lead you here.

So, welcome, my friends!!

I’m excited about this new space.  I was feeling the (ahem… desperate) need to upgrade to something more professional, and WordPress and Bluehost have made it relatively painless.  Well, that and the fact that I’m married to a web developer.  To say Stan’s been helpful would be a LARGE understatement.

I’m officially “back” from my hiatus – my 2-week break from Facebook/blogging.  I enjoyed the down time.  Enjoyed the Lord.  Enjoyed getting in some extra reading.  (Extra reading, that is, until our world was turned upside down in the best way imaginable!)

Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art (Madeleine L'Engle

Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art (Madeleine L’Engle)

I am loving this book, by the way.  Why?  Here’s a perfect example:

“In the act of creativity, the artist lets go the self control which he normally clings to, and is open to riding the wind.  Something almost always happens to startle us during the act of creating, but not unless we let go our adult intellectual control and become as open as little children.  This does not mean to set aside or discard the intellect, but to understand that it is not to become a dictator, for when it does we are closed off from revelation.”


Like I said, loving it.

This is so incredibly congruent with what the Lord has been whispering to my heart in recent weeks – what He’s been inviting me into.  In my writing, in my worship leading, in my relationships, in my life.  He’s asking me to learn to let go of my “adult intellectual control.”  To become childlike again.

To take risks.

Children don’t view childlikeness as “risky.”  Only adults do.  Ever notice that?

Little children, if they are growing up in a semi-healthy environment, are uninhibited.  Wild, undignified, affectionate, extravagantly emotional, unselfconscious.  Free.

But as we grow, the world teaches us that those traits should be left behind with the passing of years.  Childlikeness is more and more frequently ridiculed.  Misunderstood.  So we learn to cope.  To self-protect.

We lay aside childlikeness, trade it out for “dignity.”

This tragic exchange brings with it a perceived heart-safety.  But it also slowly suffocates our hearts.  In hiding from what feels risky, we are imprisoning ourselves.

There’s good news though. God is committed to breathing new life into the dying places inside us.  To waking our hearts up where we’ve been lulled to sleep.  To setting us free, and more free, and still more free, until we’re more fulfilled and wildly uninhibited than we ever dreamed possible.  To seeing us step into extravagant confidence, into the absolute fullness of who we were created to be before Him.  

His requirement of us?  RISK.  His invitation?  TRUST.   Like we never have before.

Oh God, I want to be done with this self-protection, because really?  It’s straight-up lack of faith.  I want to trust Him more deeply to protect, heal, sustain my heart.

And I want to be courageous.  To be wildly, full-steam-ahead WHO I AM in every facet of my life.  Whether 2 people or 10,000 are watching.  I want to live before the Lord, to please Him only.

If the glory of God is man fully alive (St. Irenaeus), then may He have His glory in my life.  Utterly.

I want to be ridiculously free.

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4 Responses to BIG ADOPTION NEWS, a New Website, and The Courage of Relearning to Live Like A Child

  1. Karmen says:

    Amen! If you could hear me, I have been “Oh yeah(ing)” and “Mmm-mm(ing)” this post the whole way through. So true about children not viewing childlike behavior as risky–only adults do. AWESOME!! I was reading Sarah Young’s “Jesus Today” this morning and it said, “Cling to Me in childlike trust, believing that My way–though mysterious–is perfect.” Amen and Amen!

    I am new to your blog and so excited to follow you!

    • danalynnb says:

      Ahh, I wish I could’ve heard your “oh yeah’s” and “mmmm”s!” :) Love how God confirms things by “echoing” them to us repeatedly – like the childlikeness theme. So cool. And so excited to have you, Karmen! 😀

  2. carol l says:

    So happy for your adoption news and praying that it comes to full fruition! Love the references to childlike faith – have been seeing multiple examples of this lately, and, hopefully, learning from them. If only we would have as much faith/trust in our heavenly Father to take that leap as young children have in their parents when the water is over our heads in the deep-end-of-the-pool. And, I still have SCC ‘singing in my head’ to “Be still and know that I am God…”. Thanks for the continued blessings!

    • danalynnb says:

      Great to see you here Carol! Thank you so much for your prayers for our adoption. They are so needed. :) I love that singing “be still” in your head. What a great reminder. One I personally need more than ever these days as I rush around like a crazy person getting ready for our girl! :) haha. Anyway, thanks so much for your encouragement today, friend!

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